Friday, May 7, 2010

Check out our Web Chats!

During the month of April, the Dartmouth Office of Admissions coordinated a series of Live Video Chats hosted by Dartmouth students. Whether you are a newly minted Dartmouth '14 looking for a quick Dartmouth fix or a prospective student in search of different perspectives on the College, you should definitely check out the archive of these chats!

Ranging from "Service, Activism, and Politics at Dartmouth" to "Senior Reflections," these chats cover a lot of topics about academic life and student activities at Dartmouth. Most importantly, give an unfiltered student perspective on a variety of aspects of the Dartmouth experience. Our office definitely hopes to offer more live video chats this summer or fall, so if there is a topic or area of the College you would like to see covered, please let us know.

Enjoy the videos!

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