Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent Changes to Dartmouth Financial Aid

In a letter to the Dartmouth community this week, President Jim Yong Kim announced the implementation of a plan to close a $100 million dollar budget gap in the College's operating budget in the next two years. This plan includes some changes to Dartmouth's undergraduate financial aid policies. None of these changes will impact applicants (or Early Decision admits) to the Class of 2014. For prospective members of the Class of 2015 or future classes, here is a summary of the new policy:

What Has Not Changed
  • Dartmouth's commitment to being affordable and accessible to all students regardless of their family's financial circumstances
  • Maintaining a need-blind admissions process, for all applicants regardless of citizenship, in which the anticipated or actual financial need of a candidate has no bearing on the admissions decision
  • Meeting each student's full demonstrated need for all four years of college
  • Full tuition grants and the no-loan program for students from households with annual incomes below $75,000
Now, the Change
  • Beginning with the Dartmouth Class of 2015 (whose members will enter Dartmouth in Fall 2011), the College will re-institute a small loan program for financial aid recipients from families which earn more than $75,000 in annual income. The loan amounts will range from $2500 - $5500 per year, depending on family income.
For more information, visit the Office of Financial Aid's website.

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