Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Ace the Alumni Interview

During the upcoming months, Dartmouth alumni across the country will reach out to students in their hometowns that have applied to the College, and invite them to an alumni interview.

Looking for advice on how to prepare for interviews? Check out this inside look at one interviewer's perspective. Blog post How to Ace the College Alumni Interview offers salient advice and lists questions that interviewers love to ask.

More information on Dartmouth's alumni interview process is available here. Please note that applicants do not need to request an interview; alumni will contact students directly sometime after they have applied to Dartmouth (usually Dec - Feb for Regular Decision). The interview is optional, and if you are unable to interview, or are not contacted due to a shortage of alumni in your region, please don't worry--it will not have an adverse impact on your admissions decision.

Finally, I must add a quick personal thank you to all the alumni and students that will spend time interviewing this winter. We on the Admissions Committee really appreciate it!

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